Monday, 29 August 2011

Nottinghill Carnival

Firstly, i havent blogged in months! Sorry for the absense!

So its bank holiday monday and today is the second day of Nottinghill Carnival! I was going to go, but the riots that have been going on recently has put mee right off! Although i'm not going, a few of my friends are so i decided to paint their nails for them :)

Seeing as Leah has Jamacian roots so i painted her nails, thumbs the flag and the rest just plain black. It was the first time i had done such a triangular pattern but i think it turned out pretty well.

After doing that one i decided to try something a bit different but bright still and traingular!

I've been really into painting my nails so ive been thinking of starting a business of painting peoples nail, "Amature Nail Artist" - A.N.A!
Not too sure though, little bit nervous!
I Promise to blog more! Ana xx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

im still here (a)

Sorry for not blogging, I've been mad busy the last few weeks i just haven't got round to it but i will be blogging again very very soon!