Sunday, 12 June 2011

maaa main man BARRY M

Out of my 65 nail varnishes, my all time favourite is Barry M! I love the colours and they are the price is so good for what it is, i have 23 Barry Ms - Yes maybe it is some kind of obsession but i think they are amazing! The new crackle effect nail varnishes are so easy to use and always look good, they dry quickly and look great with every colour.

I try and get pictures of the nails i do, some are a bit blurry but its really to show the people whose nails i do what is available to them and just for me to document it really :)

I honestly cant decide what my favourite colour is because there are so many and it depends on what mood I'm in, i love doing nail art as well although it takes me ages! I definitely recommend Barry M! They have a massive variety of colours and they are usually on offer, Boots were doing any two for £5.00 *including the instant nail effects, Superdrugs were doing any two for £4.99 *excluding the instant nail effects.

I try to be creative with the instant nail effects, using them will different colours and just the tips of my nails like the photo below, so see if you can change it up?

Ahh, Barry M your a babe for creating these amazing Nail Paints!
Soo get painting,

ana <3

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  1. BRILLIANT! I love Barry M. I'm wering Lemon Ice Cream shade in my latest post, my favourite shade of the moment! x