Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Outfit Post :))

Thank you sooo much for following! Something is happening to my blogger, its being weird when i post comments, silly thing!

I've had such a busy week and i thought i would make an outfit post and show what I've been up to.
The college had a summer party in The Holiday Inn, in Stevenage where i live, and i met Arg from The Only Way is Essex. I don't watch that show but my mum and dad are mental for it and so is my sister haha, and of course i wouldn't pass up the opportunity for meeting him. I think he was a little frightened of me, in my unsober way stroking his face and a crazy grin for the picture that the college took, ooops not looking forward to seeing that! I went with two of my friends Leah and Sade and they both looked lovelyyy!

I wore a blouse from New Looks that was cream and had a lace detail on the shoulder and some high waisted floral shorts from George Asda! Then some cagey brown heels from Primark and clutch bag from DPs. It was a really good night, great way to end the year and start the long 11 week summer!

(Me, Leah, Sade)

(Leah, Sade, ME)

Also, helllloooo nice weather! How surprising is that!! After rain for 3 days there was a heat wave and Stevenage hit 33 degrees ah it was lovely! Got mee a tan! Because the weather was so lovely me and my boyf Luke went out for a picnic and then with his family to this lovely fishing place about half an hour from Stevenage.
I wore a strapless casual blue play suit from Primark that was ten pound, barginnn! And when it got a little cooler in the evening in the shade i wore my denim waist jacket from Miss Selfridge. Oh, and of course my River Island floral bag that i love! Its such a strange shape i just love it!

thanks for reading and following! Will blog post,
ana <3